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The goal of this light framework is to provide helpers and shortcuts with few abstractions letting you know what you are doing. You are free to mix it with any low level code. The drawback is that you have to know what you are doing which is good in robotics. The modules are minimalist in purpose. If you want more you are advised to use specialized libraries or tools but blaar should be helpful to make the integration.

Blaar should work on POSIX systems. GNU/Linux (Ubuntu), Darwin (Mac OSX) and Bionic (Android not usable yet).

Blaar is still under development, it is not stable yet but feel free to ask improvement or notify issues.

BLC - Basic Libraries for C/C++

These libraries are a set of basic tools simplifying programmation. The programmer keeps full control on the program. You have shortcuts for classical functionalities and very little abstractions. You can freely mix blc and low level C/C++ functions.

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Arnaud Blanchard December 2017 ( edit )